I had no idea being unemployed could be so eventful. Ever since I was handed my walking papers my days have been crazy!

Good crazy, the kind of crazy that leaves you exhausted but happy at the end of the day. Today was filled with hardcore running around, but I’m feeling very accomplished. I think, however, I need to remember to keep snacks with me.  By the time I got to my workout this afternoon I was feeling all sorts of dizzy and nauseous. Not exactly the best way to feel the burn, and not a common occurrence for me. By nature I’m just not a snacker, and I go a really long time between meals.  I usually don’t realize I’m hungry until I’m about ready to eat furniture.

Don’t do what I do, it’s much better to keep your body fueled regularly. When I’m behind a desk all day I schedule snacks into my day based on my calendar—plus, when I’m sitting at a cubicle I’m usually bored beyond measure and eating a snack seems like a momentary reprieve from boredom. Now that I’m rocking my own world, I’m sort of reverting to not so great tendencies.  It’s just easier now to lose track of time and forget those little nibbles that will keep me from feeling woozy during a pull-up.

Perhaps I need to set a mid-afternoon reminder into my calendar.

Do you eat on schedule or wait for hunger cues to set in?


Greek yogurt with trail mix and banana


Boca burger with lite Swiss cheese on a whole wheat English muffin
Baked sweet potato fries


White bean and kale soup