I have a plan.

When I come up with grandiose schemes to take over the world, I don’t generally declare them on the internet because of my general dislike of looking like a big dope if I chicken out.

Well, not now. I have a plan and I’m telling everyone, because basically I want everyone to remind me of the plan when I start freaking out about not having the safety and security of a cubicle and health benefits to call my own. My need for security and my need for personal fulfillment don’t always run hand-in-hand.

Okay, you ready for this? It’s super complicated (no, it’s not, not at all.)

In May I will recertify as a spin instructor. I let my certification lapse, and at this point it’ll be less expensive and probably more beneficial for me to start from scratch. In the meantime, since I’m currently devoid of a gym membership, I’ll see if I can intern at some local spin studios for free classes and once I recertify I’ll see if I can pick up some substitute classes.

I’ll also take the next few months to try and up my training, I’m thinking I’ll go for another round of P90X and also start training for a half-marathon (I don’t like the P90X cardio, so I’ll just stick with the strength portions and do my own yoga and cardio).

After I’ve re-upped my spinning certification I’ll start studying for the personal trainer certification test. I’d like to work on specialties like post/pre-natal fitness, and adolescent fitness eventually. But for now I’m just going to focus on figuring out what I’m doing, and then narrow down from there.

I’m hoping all of this will also be beneficial to upping my writing work. You know, by making me an expert instead of just an enthusiast.

Okay. That’s the plan. It’s going to take some time, and sweat, and be a little harder now that I’m not a gym member, but it feels pretty exciting. And I’m putting it out into the universe, which makes it official.