My cubicle devoid of personal paraphernalia.

Thursday may just be the best day of my life…I’m getting laid off!

Feel free to congratulate me.

I am aware that normally losing one’s job would seem like a bad thing, but in this case I’m blatantly ecstatic. This particular job has never been a good fit for me.  (And that’s the nice way of putting it, if you missed my past posts about crying at my desk.)

Last time I was laid off I felt like my whole world was ending, this time I feel like it’s just starting—like I have a second chance to be completely idealistic and make the life I really want.  Sure, that enthusiasm may wane a bit as my savings balance does, but for now there’s nothing but opportunity.

So what will I do with my down time?

Well my fantasy life starts with me waking up at a normal hour to write, as opposed to the 4am wakeup call I currently keep to get in my freelance assignments before I leave for worky-work in the morning.  Then a little early afternoon exercise (my favorite time to work out), some auditioning, personal writing projects, reading from coffee shops, and a little regrouping on the professional aspirations progression.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?  I’m psyched.

For now it’s still sad to say goodbye to work-friends, and see others be less happy about their disappearing income.  This round of layoffs are widespread; not the first or last, and include about 60% of the staff.  It’s anticipated that the next round will come in June, followed by bankruptcy.  I’m glad to be getting out now, but if anyone is interested in marrying me for health insurance I’m open to suggestions. 🙂


Whole wheat English muffin with tofu cream cheese and raspberry jam


Cauliflower soup
Mini whole wheat pitas with white bean hummus and cucumber

Mid-day Beer Run

Sometimes you just leave work to drink beer with your fellow soon-to-be unemployed co-workers.
I stayed true to name with a Miller Lite.


Udon noodle soup with bok choy
(I’m out of shrimp, this soup is way better with shrimp)