Today as I rummaged the Internet for entertainment I came across this vintage novel cover.  Let me ask you something: Is the fact that this woman is not wearing shoes the thing that really pops out at you in this image?

For me it was not even the fact that she was toppless, but the fact that her topless torso was hardcore muscular, followed by the fact that her neck is freakishly long, and lastly that she has pterodactyl arms.

Then there’s the fact that the old man trying to shoot her obviously found her doing something that upset him seeing as how she’s running away topless with the butt-trap of her Long Johns flapping in the wind.

But I must say, for a time when women were expected to lay off the weights and be soft and pillowy (which, well there’s still nothing wrong with) it’s pretty neat to see a woman as chiseled as that gracing the covers of pop fiction.  Rock on dino arms!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my muscles lately, and using them professionally.  Inspired by my vision board, I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do come next week.  My jobby-job will be laying off a boatloads of staff next week.  You’ve never seen so many people so excited to lose their jobs.  It’s a sad reality, but an abusive work environment.  Even if I escape next week reliable paycheck in hand, I know I am not long for this job.  I don’t think the company as a whole will last much longer.

I spent this week making sure I would have freelance writing projects lined up (guess who will now be reporting daily on the New York bar scene?), and thinking about what’s next for me.  Based on my vision board and internal monologue, what I’d enjoy most is the opportunity to write and exercise.  So, I think I’ll start my downtime by renewing my spin certification and possibly look into other group fitness classes.  Then, on an afternoon call with my mom, the lady that knows me best in the world, said aloud the pipe dream I’ve let sit dormant in the back of my brain for years, “Why don’t you become a personal trainer?”

I’d really like that.  It would most definitely not happen over night.  There’s a lot of studying involved.  I would probably try to first certify for more group fitness classes, and work my way up.  But I think, down deep, my ideal life would consist of writing and exercise, followed by writing about exercise.

There, I admitted it.  Out loud.  For all the Internet to read.

I’m guessing this doesn’t exactly come as a shock to anyone, anywhere.  But I think there is power in putting things out in to the universe.  So bring on the layoffs, or don’t, I think I know which direction I’m heading.

Food time…


Whole wheat tortilla with refried beans, egg, guacamole and hot sauce
Orange juice

Lunch and Snack

I’m just going to keep using the same picture of this Ghobi Aloo because it doesn’t look as good reheated.

I find that kiwi fruit are a suitable substitute for sour candy


I also find neon cocktails to be a suitable substitute for dinner.  Just kidding.  I went out for drinks with coworkers after work tonight (we figured we should live it up while we can still afford it), and then hustled off to improv class and didn’t have time for dinner.