I’ve never noticed this before, but the magazines I frequent have very little that’s relevant to career motivation.  They do however have oodles of pictures and headlines that make for a fantastic personal life vision board.  And, if you look back at my New Year’s resolutions for 2011 prioritizing personal life was way up high on the priorities list.

According to my brand new vision board (that is strategically placed on my refrigerator) the inner workings of my mind are all about making out, working out, hanging out in the the kitchen, and travelling (I’m going to Greece!).  Actually, that combo of activities sounds pretty friggin amazing!  I’m a pretty big fan of self-acceptance, and I’m a pretty big believer that the Universe works in mysterious ways but mostly those ways end up pointing you in the right direction.  Maybe this is  just where I’m at right now, and I should just accept and revel in it and let the professional life fairies take some time off–I’ll still continue with my March resolutions to focus on what’s right in my life and act like the self I want to be, and perhaps in the end I’ll still come out with some more professional clarity.  (I just hope that clarity happens in or around the same time my company is having layoffs, which are expected to go down sometime this month.)

I’m not a particularly crafty person (I want to be, but it seems to be one of those characteristics that bypassed my DNA) but spending the night cutting and pasting and having a shiny new demonstration of my goals was really cathartic.  I must remember not to be so quick to recycle my magazines; I see more vision boards in my future.

What do you do to motivate?


Honey Nut O’s, bananas, and almond milk




There was also a handful of almonds that went unphotographed


Ghobi Aloo over brown rice
I made a huge batch of this over the weekend.  Definitely a new favorite!


One of my most favorite combos: Veggie burger, avocado, fried egg covered in hot sauce
Steamed baby carrots and broccoli