This wall outside of a local shop pretty much sums up my life goals.

I think last month’s resolutions to focus on personal happiness worked wonders for the ole outlookeroo.  I feel a lot more hopeful coming into March than I did at February .  Maybe it was all the yoga, socializing, time off, and makeup that did it.  Or perhaps it’s just the fact that March brings with it the hope of spring and the idea of warmth, and snow free sidewalks makes me really friggin excited.

It’s probably a little of both.

Truth be told, I totally dug my resolutions for last month.  Usually my resolutions are all about self-improvement, but last month’s were just about being myself and I’m going to try and merge those two ideas in March.

I am in a wee bit of a transitional phase right now.  Since just about the beginning of my life I’ve known with absolute certainty what it is I wanted to do: perform.  My childhood was spent in acting lessons, dance lessons, voice lessons; I majored in theater, worked on screen in LA, worked on stage in New York; landed myself at one of the most coveted theatrical agencies, and even found a project I loved right here on the internet.  It may sound strange, but I reached a point where I felt satiated.  I have always been fairly lucky in finding regular work as an actor, but in the last year or so I’ve felt like I did what I wanted to do.  I have never felt any particular urge to seek fortune and fame; I just wanted to work on projects that made me happy, and I have.  I feel successful in that and also like it’s time for a new chapter in my life.  What was once my lifelong passion is really more of a hobby for me now.  I still perform and get joy from it, but it’s all much less urgent; it’s kind of freeing actually.

The thing is, without that overarching life goal I’ve felt a bit like I’m fish out of water, just flopping around hoping to land where I belong.  It’s time for me to reevaluate what really matters to me.

I love blogging, and have even found a modicum of success in finding freelance blogging projects.  Perhaps that’s where I’ll focus my professional energy next.  I’ve been working on a couple book proposals for a while now, and have had some positive feedback and interest from an agent—but I’m not sure that it’s the book I really want to write.  Maybe I should focus really deciding what it is I do want to write a book about.

I love food and fitness, maybe it’s time to recertify as a spin instructor, or look into nutrition classes.

There’s a lot of things floating around my head, but no real direction on how to make these things come together in one grandiose master plan for internet world domination, so this month is about being true to myself, and focusing on uncovering my next path.

Self discovery shouldn’t take more than 31 days, right?

March 2011 Resolutions:

  1. Create a vision board.  It’s time to break out the glue sticks, old magazines, and poster board—I little visualization can go a long way in inspiration.
  2. Focus on what is right.  Personally, I think we all spend way too much time focusing on what is wrong with our lives, and what we want to fix.  This coming from a girl who makes resolutions every month, obviously I’m a fixer.  But, I think that maybe that’s not always the best way to go, because frankly it’s depressing.  There will always be things that are wrong, but there will always be things that are RIGHT, too, and maybe those are the things we should be focusing more attention on.  This month I’m going to make a list of ten things in my life that already make me happy, and maybe start looking at how to expand those into opportunities for growth.
  3. Forget the world, Gandhi, I say “Be the change you want to see in YOURSELF.”  Perhaps it’s all those years of acting classes, but I am a very big fan of pretending.  I consider it training for my brain, and if I train my brain to feel the way I want to about myself, and about my goals, eventually they become second nature.  So for moments each day this month I’m going to pretend I’m already in my dream job and living the life I’ve always wanted…something tells me in those moments of make believe perhaps some ideas on how to move forward will solidify.
  4. Start running outside again.  Okay, not career related, but the weather should be warming up this month, and while my lungs and weather related asthma may not be totally ready for 5K jogs around the park for a few more degrees; I can do some walk-run-walks to ease back in before the mercury really raises—inhaler in hand, of course.
  5. Do my taxes.  Also not self-discovery focused, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

What are you resolving in March?