I think this little Internet chat I had with my friend pretty much sums up day two of my detox:

Kim: Dude, I literally just gagged when I opened up my latest juice
BFF: Oh Christ
Kim: But, I’m so hungry, I have to drink it.
BFF: Pinch your nose and chug kiddo, you paid an ass load of $ for this.
Kim: I better be Gweneth Paltrow (complete with unfortunately named children and rock star husband) when this cleanse is finished
BFF: uuuuuuuh
Kim: I thought it would taste better
How can something that costs this much taste so bad? And why do so many celebrities willingly subject themselves to it?
BFF: Because it’s fabulous, dahling…
Pooping your brains out yet?
Kim: I pooped green.
Really green!
It smelled like aquarium algae.
BFF: Charming, you make it sound like THE thing to do.  If only the celebs said that, “My feces smell like sea world.”

The Juices

The apple juice is really good.  The Young Love, Veggie Vibrance, and Mellow Love I’ve taken to pinching my nose, guzzling, and chasing with a gallon of water.