Today marks the third blogaversary of my little corner of the Internet.  Happy blogaversary to me!

I will admit that when I started this blog I had some ulterior motives: I was working for Conde Nast at the time hosting an online talk show and really wanted the producers to bring me on as a writer, not just an on-screen personality.  I figured a little sucking up to the proverbial powers that be would work wonders, so I volunteered myself to take on the 3-month SELF Challenge diet, hence the name of my blog.

It worked, I was offered a spot on the writing queue along with much more seasoned bloggers Weetabix and “Anne” (really Jen Larsen).  The editor of Self, Lucy Danziger, even linked here on her blog.  I was totally intimidated, but even more excited.

This little blog here was only supposed to last three months, but three years later I think it’s safe to say that something stuck with me.  It certainly wasn’t the act of photographing my every meal, or trying to explain to ever guy I’ve dated why I was taking pictures of my food (Oh my god, he’s going to think I have an eating disorder!), that kept me coming back.   It’s you.  There is something really amazing about the community that the blogosphere creates.  In the years since ‘Elastic Waist’ made me a webutante I’ve met many of you in real life, been invited to your weddings, met you for mid-day lunches, been socially awkward when you said hello on the subway, been to your house for a clothing swap or kept up with your lives via your own blogs.  Your comments have always been really heartwarming and motivational for me, and I’m always amazed and thankful that there’s a world of people out there who read about my tiny little life.

Thank you.  Here’s to another great year.