Yesterday I got some bad news on the job search front.  Based on the following chat with my mom, I apparently have a track record when it comes to the self-comfort:

Kim: I signed up for a sushi making class in April
Mom: I was just wondering which.  I thought perhaps pole dancing.
Kim: You were just wondering which?
Mom: Class you would sign up for.
Kim: How did you know I would sign up for a class?
Mom: When ever you  feel dejected you sign up for a class.
Kim: Wow, I’m really predictable.

Hey, at least I’m productive.

If things don’t start looking up soon, I’m going to be overbooked and totally broke.  So far I’ve signed up for improv classes, a new yoga studio, and now sushi…next disappointment I may succumb to my mother’s suggestion and start pole dancing (which, who knows, could eventually help me pay for all these classes).

I have decided that job hunting is a lot like dating.  When it comes to interviews if there’s no spark, no sizzle, then it’s probably not a great fit, and the things that attract one company to you may be a total turn off to another.  I’m not sure what I want more: a great job, or a great love.  Right now I’m aiming toward job.


I started the day with a little cold comfort, my favorite chocolate, banana, peanut butter smoothie made with a frozen banana, chocolate protein powder, ground flax seed, and almond milk


I’m sure you’re as tired of seeing my vegan lasagna as I am of eating it, but I’m not wasting this bad boy

Salad with lite Italian dressing


More comfort food, Brussel sprouts are my favorite.  They’re so cute, like little baby cabbages.

English muffin, veggie burger, lite cheese

(Hmm, my lighting was a bit off, I promise my dinner was not in fact yellow)