Oh, hey, guess who’s no longer feeling bitter and cranky?

That would be me. Sometimes all you need is a special delivery of chocolate and a good yoga class to get your spirits up and running again.

One of the perks of food bloggery is that I get all sorts of yummy (and sometimes not so yummy, but those don’t usually make it to the blog) stuff in the mail.

Yesterday I got a chocolate delivery.

Since I’m currently single I’ve decided to make this chocolate my boyfriend.

The kind of boyfriend you gnaw on like a rabbid animal.
Should be a beautiful relationship.

Pure Dark (brand name) chocolate is 70% cocao, which makes it sweet at first then a bit bitter.  PERFECT.

This all happened at a serendipitous time because I had just been whining about the fact that I never have  junk food at home.  Seemingly a smart idea, except for those moments when you really want to make hot cocoa and have nothing to melt down.  Thank you Pure Dark for heeding my prayers.

My chocolate love fest was followed closely by a super nurturing yoga class.  A friend surprised me by joining me and we reveled in the happy yoga vibes together.

I’m one of those people that likes a moral to their yoga practice.  I like the theme talks at the beginning, the stretching just seems like a means to get to the conclusion of the lovey-dovey feelings at the final Savasana.

Last night’s theme: Self Acceptance.


Well, in theory.  I am human, and therefore have wavering moments of self ridacule, but somehow when a yoga teacher, all clad in soothing tones and spandex, tells you that your only job is to accept yourself as you are, and that any effort to change yourself is really an act of self-aggression and hatred, it seems so pragmatic and important.

It actually reminded me of a quote that I love and keep with me at all times.

Accept everything about yourself–I mean everything.  You are you and that is the beginning and the end–no apologies, no regrets.

~Henry Kissinger

And so that is the mission of the life day; to just sit with myself and appreciate my strengths and accept my weaknesses.   Umm, not that I have any weaknesses 😉

On a less hokey note: I’m in the market for a new yoga mat. I’ve been downward-dogging on the same tiny purple mat for many years and it is starting to wreck havoc with my knees.  I think I need a slightly higher quality mat.  Any suggestions?


Egg sandwich: whole wheat toast, egg whites, avocado, and light cheese


Sweet potato bisque
7-grain bread

Fruit salad


Despite my noodle malfunction I think this vegan lasagna turned out better than the last time I made it.  The world is full of surprises.

I also ate three unpictured pickles as a side dish. Totally counts as a vegetable.