I thought I’d change things up a bit today, just for fun.  I mean who wants to hear another rant about my yoga epiphanies, right?

I present you with…a tangent.

Part of successful blogging is tracking where your incoming hits stem from, and then either pandering to that search term, or not. It’s all part of that trendy ‘Search Engine Optimization’ aka SEO that everyone’s talking about these days.  Around once a day I’ll check my stats and see what searches are bringing people to my blog.  Most of the time the results are direct search for The Kim Challenge, or a search that is health related, or a personal search for ‘Kimberly Rae Miller,’ and more than a lot of the time the search is for Grace Kelly (I put a picture of her in a post a few months ago and WHAM instant internet celebrity).

Every once and a while I get a few searches that have me scratching my head.  Without further adeu, here are a few of the funny things that people Google that land them on this little blog o’mine:

Did Nazis eat cupcakes?

I will admit that when I first saw this on my web traffic report I was curious.  I did a little research and came to the conclusion that it was possible but highly unlikely.

Cupcakes originated in the United States in the early 19th Century.  World War II, and the period directly beforehand, was an extremely nationalistic time for Germany.  It is unlikely that they were noshing on American-style desserts, but were more likely sticking with German standards such as Krappel or Kuchen or any other number of German desserts.  Perhaps if they’d had cupcakes they wouldn’t have been so grumpy.

Kimberly Rae Miller Belly/Boyfriend/Fat Pictures/Weight/Boobs/Other random nouns

Really, I’m flattered by your interest in my stomach, relationship status, weight, and chestal region but I like to keep some mystery in our fairly one-sided relationship.  You know, so ya’ll will keep coming back.

Slutty Nieces

You know me, always blogging about those ‘slutty nieces.’  Seems to me like someone has a funny uncle.  Just to set the record straight, I am currently nieceless, and I assure you if I had nieces they would not be slutty.  And if they were I would really rather not know about it.

Sex with  gairles

Errr, can’t say that I do, but hey whatever floats your boat.  Also, spellcheck is an amazing thing; you should utilize its magnificentness.

Is it healthy having good perspective?

Well, it’s probably not bad.  Is someone feeling a little sad?

Trust me, there are more, but these are a few in my most recent tracking report.  You don’t have to admit it was you; your secret is safe with me.


You’re not seeing things, this is exactly the same picture I used yesterday.  That’s because I’m boring, and/or this breakfast really hit the spot.


This was described as a ‘Japanese Cobb Salad’
Basically just a salad with edamame, tofu, avocado, and sesame ginger dressing


An impromptu girls night meant impromptu pizza. I’m totally failing at this vegetarian month resolution.