Ben Aaron is apparently taller than J. Alexander

See this guy?  I don’t know him, but apparently he is a reporter and he went to the same college as I did.  Oh, right and my mother LOVES him.  Every time he’s on TV I get a gchat, text message, or phone call asking if I know him.

Mom: Do you know Ben Aaron?

Kim: No, should I?

Mom: He went to Emerson.

Kim: Err, with me?

Mom: He’s on LX New York.

Kim: Where is this going?

Mom: I think you should go out with him.

Kim: Great.  I’ll get right on that, let me just whip out my magical Emerson Alumni roladex and dial him up and explain that my mom’s a big fan and thinks we should get it on.

Mom: You should interview him

Kim: [This is where I start thinking of ways to placate without insulting my mom.] Mom, I work for CBS, he works for NBC, it would probably be a conflict of interest.

Mom:  Well, he’s on a chat, you should talk to him.

Kim: Mom, you should ask him out for me and see what happens.  If he says yes, I promise I’ll go.

[This is the part where I assume people in their rational minds will think it’s a bit odd of my mother, who I love dearly and only has my best interest at heart, for trying to fix up a reporter with her daughter who could resemble Sloth a la ‘Goonies’ for all they know, over live network chat.]

Mom: I think I’ll send him your picture.

Kim: Go for it.

Dear Ben Aaron:

If per chance this lil blog of mine ends up popping up in your Google Alerts, please be nice to my mom.  She thinks you’re dreamy and is therefore trying to pimp out her only daughter to you.  Best of luck to you, and hey, did you hear Emerson has sports and straight people now?  Weird.


Kim Miller, Class of 2004


Now for some food.

I ate food today, my appetite seems to be returning. Perhaps it was that super competitive, my-spandex-is-tighter-than-your-spandex, yoga class I went to last night.


Comfort food breakfast: vegan banana bread, coffee with almond milk and stevia


Tuscan white bean soup and a half wrap with avocado, tomato, goat cheese, and spinach


For dinner I decided to impose on my friends Sarah & Sebastian.  They’re gracious like that.  We sat by the Yule Log sipping wine and eating cheese while they read my tarot cards



Toasty electronic fire
Wow, that did not photograph well

My future laid out before me.

Verdict: I’m excellent.

Then we decided to eat food that wasn’t entirely dairy or fermented and called for Japanese take-out.  I needed some veggies to balance out the cheese so I ordered the vegetable sushi plate.

Ooh, colorful.

What do we think of the iPhone photography?  Should I go back to standard issue camera work?