I used to think that snow was pretty.  Now I think of snow as some sort of ubiquitous sheet of evil that is taking over my life.  Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but hey, I’m a bit dramatic these days.

We got hit with ANOTHER 15-inches of snow last night.  I’m not sure the poor bamboo tree in my backyard will ever be the same. The streets are slippery and slushy, and the schools are closed, as was my office.

I had decided I was going to take off the day anyway, try to spend some time clearing the cobwebs in my brain and such, but it was nice to be able to not dock the vacation days.

So today I spent the day meditating.  This is a new practice I’m bringing into my life.  But not the kind of meditating that means sitting around chanting or trying to think of absolutely nothing–that just doesn’t rock my boat…at all.  Instead my version of meditation means lighting candles laying back on my yoga mat and reflecting on the way I feel and the things I want.  Even the things that I’m embarassed to say I want to other people and sometimes to myself, because I feel like I shouldn’t want them, or that it’s ungrateful for me to want more in my life.  But it’s just me and some candles and the universe in my tiny Brooklyn apartment.  And the way I see it, how can I ever achieve these goals if I don’t actually admit to them.

This is super corny, I’m aware of that, but it’s part of this Kim trying to make evil sad monster go away.  I am not good at sad, but I am good at being proactive.

Then I marched myself to Barnes & Noble and got myself a new journal.  I am an on-again-off-again journaler. And to be honest, I always write in a journal with the sense that someone might read it someday, so I don’t want to say anything too personal.  How’s that for paranoia? But, as part of project Dalai Lama, I’m going going to give it another shot.  The purpose of our lives may be to be happy, but there’s probably some other stuff that happens at the same time and I’d like to honestly acknowledge those things to.

Look at me pretending to be all emotionally mature!

I also hit up a new yoga class.  Yoga is good because it takes me out of my head and puts me in my hamstrings.   I also really like Savasana, not only do I enjoy laying on my own floor on a yoga mat, I pay to lay on other peoples floors on a yoga mat.

These were my big and little steps for today toward happiness.  That and baking a vegan banana bread (adapted from Veganomicon), baking always makes me feel calm and serene.  Like yoga only more edible.


Pineapple is seriously the most refreshing fruit that has ever existed.


This is really just an excuse to show off my flowers again 😉

Vegan banana bread with almond milk vanilla latte
(I’m like my own personal Starbucks)


I wasn’t feeling it.  I’ll eat more tomorrow, promise.