Perhaps I should take this as a compliment, but I’ve had this life long thing where complete strangers feel comfortable reaching out and touching me. Usually it’s just women.  It’s not really pervy; mostly it’s ingratiating in nature, but I still find it a bit odd.

Ever present in my life have been the random folk that feel it’s totally cool to reach out and touch my face or stroke my hair, or rub my back.

Tonight, I had a great conversation with a woman at an author reading I attended in my neighborhood.  One of the things I love most about my neighborhood is that while it’s still city living, there are lots of community events and everyone takes a lot of pride in this little nugget of Brooklyn we inhabit.  The natives are always pleasant and easy to talk to.  This particular neighbor is a teacher, and I had just listened to a podcast about  the Brooklyn Free School, which has a pretty revolutionary management style.  Great convo.  But as we parted ways she did the hair stroking thing that so many strangers before her have done to me.

And right there and then I went from thinking, “Wow, what a really interesting woman” to thinking, “That was weird.”

Perhaps this touchy-feeliness is totally normal.  I’ve just never been the kind of person to reach out and touch people I don’t really know.  Does this happen to anyone else?

Weird random touching aside, today was a perfect weekend kind of day.  A perfect writer, weekend, kind of day.

The day started out with some transcribing, and editing of an interview that I did last week.

After getting my writing juju on, I headed out for with brunch with two of my favorite writers.  My friends Katie and Corey met me for the most important joint meal of the day, Corey just gave birth to a handsome lil chap named Henry (I don’t put pictures of people’s kids on the internet unless I’ve gotten the okay, but you’ll have to trust me when I say he’s pretty adorable).  Katie is 6-months pregnant and basically looks like she’s eaten a sandwich.  I’m hoping at our next brunch date there’s some trace of her preggo-ness.  It was good girl time with a side of shop talk.  They are both writers I respect very much.

It’s still really weird to me that I have friends that get pregnant ON PURPOSE.

There was yummy brunchness too.  Brunch is my favorite meal of life
Egg white omelet with asparagus, mushroom, and tomato

After the reading I ventured out to dinner with my friend Priya and her new beau.  This is the official friend vetting portion of the weekend.  He passed 🙂 .

Bad lighting for beautiful people

Classic sushi dinner.

Now that I’m back in my toasty warm apartment I have some more editing to do before bedtime.  These are the best kinds of days, productive, but not too productive with a side order of good friends.