Yesterday was a snow day and it was AWESOME.

I don’t care how old I get, there is nothing more exciting than school work being cancelled. I turned off all of my alarms, left my heavy curtains open and let the magic of the sun wake me up naturally.  A nutritious breakfast, leaisurely compiling my writing assignments (as opposed to my usual pre-sunrise rush to type intelligently), and mid-afternoon exercise followed by a trip to IKEA filled the hours after that.

It’s official.  I have a perfect life.

Well,  I had a perfect yesterday.  Today I’m back to the grind in my muted-color cubicle waiting for the hours to pass me by.  Luckily the universe invented gchat, because it provides me with moments like this:

BFF: MFK: The Colin Firth Edition – Jamie from Love Actually, Mark Darcy from (If you don’t know we can’t be friends), Johannes Vermeer from Girl With a Pearl Earing
Kim: Marry: Jamie from Love Actually, F*ck: Mr. Darcy, Kill Vermeer
Doesn’t a good game of Marry, F*ck (I like to keep it PG, in real life I curse like a sailor–Hi Mom!), Kill just make everything seem more fun.
Let’s play a round:
MFK: Green Super Hero Edition:
  • Seth Rogen (The Green Hornet)
  • Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern)
  • Eric Bana (Hulk)

I know this has nothing to do with what I usually blog about,  but it just made me so happy to play this today that I had to share.  It’s the simple things.

When I was a little girl I would obsessively play MASH with my friends; like somehow it was some sort of soothsaying ritual that would deem  me worthy of a life of mansion living or squallerly shackdom.

If my seven year old self could see the life I’m living now she might have a temper tantrum: I’m not a famous actress/dancer/model/veterinarian; I am not currently married to Jordan Knight; and I don’t have a mansion or a horse–I’m basically a failure by all things her standards.  Of course if I still wanted the life I fantasized about in 2nd grade I’d technically be considered a crazy dog lady with 7 kids, rocking fan bangs, and floral mini-skirts all the time.  There was even a moment in kindergarten when I distinctly remember asking my mother to let me get a mullet.  Thank you mom for not letting that happen.

All in all, I’m glad that my ideal standard of living changed a bit.  But hell, if anyone’s up for a game of MASH, I’m totally down.


English muffin with egg and avocado (not really the best picture)


It was time to raid the bar drawer at work, I was starving my 10:30!


Red bean curry over brown rice with a side of homemade yogurt


Pseudo hot & sour soup