Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.

Corita Kent

I am always in a rush.

Whenever my best friend comes to visit me in the city she exclaims in five-minute intervals, “Where are you rushing off to?”

That pretty much sums up my general state of being: Rush through one thing to get to the next thing to rush through.  I have always been this way.  My parents like to joke that I was so hyper as a child that I would run around in circles all day until I would just collapse from exhaustion.  They’ve also noted that nothing has really changed much; my circles just look a little different.

As part of this whole, focus on my real life, not my work life resolution, I’ve been actively trying to slow down; holding in the reigns on many aspects of my life, trying to keep from missing out on those moments that should be savored.

It is counterintuitive to me to take up space in a crowded coffee shop to just sit and people watch, when I can just as easily guzzle my latte on the go.  It is hard for me to not make decisions.  Turning down an invitation to just sit and veg makes me anxious. It’s almost painful to just let life unfold before me without making active choices to help it along.

And yet life has been moving along.  This little experiment has opened up some hidden mysteries to me.  There is a sense of beauty in the undefined life.  Not every question needs to be answered immediately. The world will not collapse around me if I sleep in. A little lazy is something to relish, not be embarrassed by.

It sounds poetic doesn’t it?  Well it’s not, it’s friggin hard!  But, it’s worth it.  Actually taking time to sit with what’s happening in my world these days has given me a broader perspective.   I even have a little mantra for when that overwhelming urge to rush forth bubbles up; I simply say, “Enjoy it.”

And so I am, enjoying it, that is…as hard as that may be.

Are you more on the move or smell the flowers?


For breakfast I did something I hardly ever do: I skipped it. It just felt right.  I had a big celebratory dinner Sunday night, and wasn’t feeling quite up to eating yet this morning.  Instead I waited for my hunger cues to kick in and opted for a mid-morning snack.


Carrots and cucumber slices with hummus


Leftover curried red beans and brown rice with homemade yogurt


I took a mid-afternoon break to nosh on a Kind bar and catch up on the latest issue of Runner’s World.
Oh my, the Almond & Coconut bar is wonderful.  Total toasted coconut heaven!


Before I left for work in the morning I set up a pot of vegetable barley soup in the slow cooker. Super easy, I just combined a bag of mixed frozen vegetables, 1/2 cup of barley, 1.5 cups of white beans, and 8-cups of homemade vegetable broth.  Seasoned with Italian seasoning.  Yum!