One of my mini-mental resolutions for the New Year, classified under “Operation Personal Life” has been to focus more on consistency than perfection.

This may seem like an obvious choice for others, but in my sometimes over-zealous brain, the world can seem like an all or nothing kind of place.  So, as I started the week I set some mini-goals for myself that would help me on the road to my overall 2011 resolutions.  One of those resolutions was to exercise four times this week.  No more, no less.

Sounds reasonable, right?  Right. Except I usually start the week out aiming for six-days of exercise, and when life proceeds to get in the way and there are a couple of days attrition I feel like a total failure.  After two consecutive days working out early in the week I had to actively tell myself it was time for a rest day because I wanted to spread my workouts out. . .then life happened.  I missed two days, and those old feelings of, “Crap, I’m falling behind” started to creep forward.  A few calming breaths later I talked myself down from those feelings of utter squat-thrusting failure, and reminded myself that technically I still had three days to get those two additional workouts in.

Who knew cutting back would be so hard?  Not physically hard, but mentally hard?  Perhaps this whole rationalizing my life into a more manageable schedule (which will eventually help me with this whole prioritizing my personal life thing I’m aiming for) will be a lot harder than I originally thought.

Does anyone else battle that ‘All or Nothing’ mentality?  How do you quiet your inner perfectionist?


I was in a rush, and grabbed a breakfast I could scarf down while typing

Whole wheat English muffin with cream cheese


Technically I had brought lunch, but I was CRAVING a veggie burger.  I figured instead of staring hatefully at my yogurt I would just succumb to the craving.  I’m not sure what this deli puts in their veggie burgers but they’re so good!

Wrap with avocado, swiss, watercress and veggie burger
Air popped BBQ chips


Chicken and broccoli over brown rice