I started off today breaking a resolution.  Not the best start to 2011, but I have a good excuse.  My gym requires 30-days notice, while technically I’ve quit the gym, I still have a month left of my membership.  Since I’ve paid for it, it seems wasteful not to go, right?  That doesn’t mean I’m a resolution failure…yet.

Well, off I went at 5am because I was really worried about the post New Year’s crowds.  I shouldn’t have been because I WAS THE ONLY ONE THERE!

I’ve been the only one in classes before, but I’ve never been the only person in the whole gym.  What the crazy?  Isn’t the gym supposed to be packed today?  I was there till almost 7am, and a few more folks trickled in by then, but I was seriously surprised at the lack of resolvers clogging the cardio machines.  Not that I’m complaining, I’m just astounded.

In my last month at the gym I plan on running as much as I can.  I figure it’ll be a few months before it’s warm enough for me to run outdoors without having an asthma attack, so the treadmill is really my only running option.  This will give me a couple of months of non-running, but I’m hoping come Spring my body bounces back pretty quickly.

I may be starting late on my ‘no gym’ resolution, but I did stick to my resolution to become best buds with the library staff.  Books for free, I just can’t get over that!  Over my lunch break I picked up my book for the week.  I know that ‘The Hunger Games’ series is technically considered YA fiction, but it’s seriously addictive.  This is the last of the series, so I may have to go back to reading grown-up books.  Sigh.

I started the day with a run, I think I’ll end it with an yoga DVD.  How are your resolutions faring?


Oatmeal with lite sour cream


Yup, I’m still eating that white bean soup from last week.  One of the downsides of cooking for one is that sometimes my food lasts forever.  While this is quite economical it can be a tad boring.  The soup is good though.




Spicy red bean curry (I stole the recipe from Pink of Perfection) over brown rice, with spiced yogurt