The time has come.  This is my last blog of 2010.

I’m not too sad to see 2010 go because I LOVE NEW YEARS.  I mean that in the plural sense of the word ‘years.’  What is great about each new year is that it is new, and we haven’t screwed it up yet!

Err, I didn’t want that to sound jaded.  Did that sound jaded?  What I mean by that is: Remember at the beginning of each school year, inevitably the teacher would say something like, ‘As of today you all have 100/4.0/A+ for this class, and all you have to do is keep it.’  I loved that.

Wait, did I ever mention that I was an uber geek and that grades were super important to me?  You’re shocked, I can tell.

I loved the philosophy that we start out perfect.  Sure, there will be nicks and cuts along the way, but there is always an opportunity for this year to be the year that is better than any other year before it…and no matter how great this year is, next year can be even better.

Yes, I really am this corny.

So yeah, 2011 best year ever, but to be fair I think it is important to reflect back and say goodbye to 2010.  Dear 2010, as years go you were a big one in my life and I will never forget you.

TKC Top 10: The 2010 Highlight Reel

  1. Abigail.  Hands down this little munchkin is my favorite new friend. She is the daughter of a dear friend, and most definitely the coolest baby I’ve ever met; if you don’t know her I feel sorry for you. I love every stage of her so far, and I can’t wait to get to know her as she grows up.  If she’s anything like her mama, she’s going to be an amazing woman.
  2. Colin Hearts Kay.  2010 brought the big screen premiere of Colin Hearts Kay, and the big screen premiere of Kimberly Rae Miller!  The film has done exceptionally well in the film festival circuit, and pretty soon you Europeans may be able to see it in a theater near you.  [Hmm, I’m not sure if that’s allowed to be public; this may be edited later if I get yelled at.]
  3. Creative Girl.  I’m in a book!  That officially makes me an expert, right?  I was so honored to be included as a “Creative Girl in Action.” Perhaps 2011 will mean I finally finish the book proposals I’m working on.  You know, now that the ball is rolling and everything.
  4. The love of my life.  Men are cool, but Kitchen Aid mixers are forever.
  5. Operation Yogi.  This year instilled in me a true understanding of why yoga is kind of a big deal.  I interviewed Elena Brower early in the year, and she mentioned that many people hate yoga until they find the right teacher.  She was right, I was not a fan of yoga until I found my teacher, ironically someone who teaches at Elena’s studio.
  6. Staycation!  I am slowly learning the art of relaxation, and this year in honor of this newly acquired skill, and because I’m saving for a super-big vacation in 2011 (I’m afraid to jinx it, so I’m not  telling just yet), I took a summer vacation in my home city.  I live in the bestest city there is but oft spend so much time running around that I can’t fully enjoy it.  This year I took a week off to play tourist to my own life.  This included mid-day karaoke, sangria at lunch, mid-day manicures, a day of museum wandering, and leisurely writing dates at my favorite café.  It was simple and it was heaven.
  7. The year of the runner!  In May of this year I embarked on my first running class and it changed my whole perspective on fitness.  My years of plodding away on a treadmill have never left me any sort of understanding of that infamous ‘runner’s high,’ but a few months, and what feels like a bajillion miles, into my class I got it.  I understood what people meant by a warm up run of 3-miles, before that was my whole run!  I may not be a great runner, but I am a runner.  I’m pretty proud of that title.
  8. Homemade Hot & Sour Soup.  I can’t help it; I love it and would probably eat it for every meal if I could get away with it.
  9. The professional organizer!  God bless Groupon.  Early in the year I purchased a Groupon with a professional organizer.  I needed some serious closet de-cluttering.  Best $55 I’ve ever spent!  I am proud to say my closet is still in pristine condition.
  10. Fresh Start for my Family.  2009 was such a hard year for my family, but in 2010 my mom has gotten so much stronger.  So much more her.  Early in the year I remember speaking with a friend who had also had a health crisis with her mother, and she said, “I couldn’t wait for the day I could take her for granted again.”  I swore up and down that I would never take a single moment for granted with my mother again, that I would never get exasperated at her, or wait to return her call.  My friend was right, not being overcome with worry is such an amazing feeling, that I didn’t even know existed before. I do sometimes take her for granted again, and that’s probably healthy.  To top things off, my parents just bought a new home.  When I left for college in 2000 my parents downsized from a house to an apartment.  That’s cool, but it’s never felt like home, I’m glad to see them starting over fresh, they deserve so much happiness.  Of course, they’re not actually moving in until next month, but the ball started rolling in 2010–so it counts.

Thank you 2010 for a great year!

What were your favorite parts of 2010, what won’t you miss seeing go?


(Homemade) Yogurt, honey, banana, walnuts


White bean soup, apple


Rice cake?
I don’t know where the urge to buy rice cakes came from, but they’re not as awful as I remember


Baked “fried” eggplant, brown rice pasta and pasta sauce