Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but yesterday I left work for a trip to the doctor, and somehow ended up at the museum.

After being cooped up for five days I needed a little treat.  I figured I’d go for a redo on the birthday outing I should have had last week.  So, I snuck out of work late in the afternoon, took a cab to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of my most favoritist places in the world.  Sometimes I pop on over and just hang out by the coy pond to read a book.  It’s my happy place.

I’m a rebel!

Afterward I refueled with a coffee and a sweet treat to pep me up for the  twenty-block trek to my aunt’s restaurant.  Normally twenty blocks is nothing, but there was much strategy and climbing involved in getting there, and I’m now very much aware that my boots are not waterproof.  Damn you snow!

Once at The Garden, my favorite server, Manny, made sure my wine glass was filled with the best, even starting me out with champagne in celebration of my birthday 😉 . I didn’t want the kitchen staff to go overboard (which they usually do), so I just ordered some appetizers, and didn’t order some appetizers that showed up anyway.  They even sent me out TWO desserts!  There is no way I could even come close to eating all this, but I tried.  Oh, I tried.

Sadly, the restaurant is closing at the end of the year.  So, not only was I treating myself to a birthday dinner, I was saying goodbye to the amazing staff there, who have always been nothing but wonderful to me.  I’m going to miss that place.


Kashi Go Lean Crunch with banana and 1% milk


White bean soup and pear


Lobster hush puppies with truffle jam.
Oh. My. Goodness.

Charcuterie, cheese, and bread plates

The desserts were sent over from the pastry chef at L’Atalier (I felt like a total VIP)

This was an amazing chocolate concoction.  Chocolate mousse, chocolate cookie crumble cluster, chocolate shell and chocolate crunchies.  I’m describing this as heavenly as it was.

Hmm, how do I decribe this?  Cheesecake mousse with a pineapple sorbet and some sort of galette.

One of my biggest regrets will always be not being able to eat more than I did.  That was one good day.  I should play hooky more often.