I am embarking on a first for me, a birthday spent entirely in bed.

At first my reaction was: “Oh, crap, well doesn’t this suck!”  But, after some quiet contemplation I’m feeling much more optimistic about this prospect.  You see my life consists of day after day of running around just trying to keep up.  While being sick is certainly no picnic; it is an excuse to pamper myself with the rest and respite from responsibility I most often deny myself.

Today my goals are this:

  1. Watch TV
  2. Order takeout
  3. Sleep
  4. Sleep
  5. Paint my nails (if I’m feeling particularly ambitious)
  6. Think about how awesome the next 364 days of being 28 will be
  7. Let those birthday calls go to voicemail (It’s much more fun to have a plethora of people singing ‘Happy Birthday’ recorded for posterity then have to react accordingly through the flu live on the phone)
  8. Sleep
  9. Read DamnYouAutoCorrect and try not to let the laughing be a catalyst to a coughing fit
  10. Enjoy the quasi drunk feeling I get from a constant stream of Nyquil in my system

I kind of like it.  Is that weird?  Perhaps this is the Nyquil typing.  A day spent lazing about sounds like just what the doctor ordered, literally.