I will admit that there is a certain fear in revealing to people that I am a food blogger.

I’m not sure what reaction I expect; perhaps I assume that people will think I’m some creepy maladjusted food fanatic and then proceed to back away from me slowly.  That never happens though.  Truth be told, people tend to get pretty excited by the prospect of our meals together being cataloged for posterity.  More often than not I have a helping hand in food styling, and sometimes my friends and family even send me photos of their own food.

For example:

These are not my empanadas.

These seemingly flaky and delicious patties of goodness were emailed to me by my friend Vox, who is currently galavanting around Argentina and systematically trying to make me jealous of his food and access to sunshine.  Point taken.

I have to say, it’s pretty cool.

Speaking of food blogging, last night I spent the evening with another friend and food blogger, one that is not lavishing in sunshine, but instead suffering through the same tundra-ish weather I am.  As we talked foodiness, she revealed that she felt like she was maturing as a person because while once upon a time she wanted to eat rich foods all the time, she now prefers to have special foods for special occasions, and now really appreciates simple meals.

I get that.  I know you all have noticed that I eat a pretty repetitive diet.  Sometimes I think, “It’s really amazing that people still read my blog, I am a seriously boring eater.”  Not only do I live in the food epicenter of the world, but I come from a family laden with culinary masterminds.  I have no shortage of access to awesometastic food, but I don’t really want AMAZING food all the time.  I agree with my friend, I would rather appreciate those meals in the proper times.  The rest of the time there is comfort in simple foods.

This is something that is very easy to lose track of this time of year when holiday parties, open bars, and ahem birthday outings (okay, that’s just me) abound.  Usually come January all I want is to return to simple eating, and to remember what natural hunger cues feel like(and perhaps fit in my pants again).  So far this year I’ve been able to not go overboard, and appreciate the special moments without extending the seasonal gorging.  I still have a few weeks left, and I’m hoping I can keep this mindset.  Nothing feels worse to me than feeling uncomfortable in my body, and that’s usually how I feel come the end of December.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have three cakes to bake.  What, tonight’s my birthday party, tonight I celebrate!


Whole wheat toast with eggs, grapefruit


Leftover brown rice, roasted veggies and chickpeas

Girls Night Out

We started the night with a half pint of pilsner and some freshly popped corn

Then went to visit my good friend James Earl Jones in a little play he is doing.

After the theater we went out for Thai food.  My camera died so Sarah stepped in and photographed my dinner.  That’s what friends and food bloggers are for.  (Sorry about photo quality, the lighting wasn’t the best)

Tofu and mixed vegetables in garlic sauce with brown rice.