For a Chrismikkah Bush
Technically I’m Jewish, but I love Christmas Trees!
Life’s too short not to decorate trees in your house.

For Homemade Gifts
Chocolate Butterscotch Blondie Mix

For Mistletoe
What?  Like you didn’t hang it over your door justincase

For  Sentimental Gifts
I couldn’t think of anything I needed, so for my birthday this year I asked my parents for my grandmother’s ring.
I’m not much of a jewelry girl, but I’ve always loved this ring.

For Birthday Cake
9 more days!  But who’s counting?!

What do you love about this time of year? (It’s okay to be corny, the cornier the better)

Oh, right, and there’s the regular ole everyday eating:


Whole wheat English muffin with cottage cheese and tomato


White bean and spinach soup (this was so good I’m planning on emulating at home next week)
Fruit salad
Whole grain bread


I might be a little obsessed.
Homemade hot and sour soup.