And now, back from an unexpected hiatus…The Kim Challenge.

I had a late night Thursday, and left early Friday to visit my dentist parents, somewhere in all that time I totally forgot to open my computer.  Crazy, I know.

Congratulations to me, I have no cavities. Bring on the sugar!  Visiting my parents is always a challenge because those two crazy kids sure love their sweets, and have candy, cookies, cupcakes, and banana breads as far as the eye can see.  I find this particularly ironic because as a kid I was not allowed to have sugar.  No soda, no sugary cereal, and once a week I was allowed to have candy.  It’s interesting how things change.  Now, as an adult, I spend a fair amount of my time trying to convince my parents to cut back on sweets.

I child’s work is never done.  Time to pry the peanut butter cups away from my dad…



More pineapple (really, all I want to eat is pineapple, but I eat other stuff as to be a healthy/well-rounded individual)
English muffin with egg, lite cheese, veggie sausage patty


More salad: I’ve come to the conclusion that I dislike salad at winter time.
Salad with: lettuce, turkey, chickpeas, beets, cucumber
Whole wheat bread


For dinner I continued in my life long pursuit to make Chinese takeout style food at home sans MSG, oil, and that uncomfortable feeling you get when the lady behind the counter recognizes you by your order.

Pseudo fried rice: brown rice, mixed vegetables, shrimp, scrambled egg, soy sauce and garlic powder.  Instead of oil I just stirred these together in a little cooking spray.



I woke up early, not entirely functional enough to play with the knobs on my stove.  Instead, I left the cooking to the pros at Penn Station and grabbed some breakfast before I got on a train to visit my folks.

Plain oatmeal
Hard boiled eggs


I made another pot of hot and sour soup for my family for lunch.  I couldn’t find any shiitake mushrooms at my parents local grocery store, so I subbed in straw mushrooms–not as good.

Hot and sour soup


My mom calls this dish “salsa chicken” because that’s basically what it is.  Brown rice in a pan with chicken pieces and a jar of salsa.  Bake and serve.  I shared mine with the cat.