I like people that know what they want in life.

I know what I want in life…sometimes, other times I’m pretty happy to see which way the wind blows me and enjoy the ride.

I have a very good friend who pretty much defines the saying “mover and shaker.”  This friend happens to be the birthday girl on Thursday, and while much of the night will be spent laughing and enjoying the comforts of those that love her, a portion of the evening is reserved solely for getting what she wants…a man.

This year my friend asked us, her friends, to not wrap up presents for her, but instead to bring an eligible bachelor for her to get to know.   I have a lot of guy friends, but they’re all in long term relationships.  I think their ladyfriend’s would  not like me so much if I brought their beaus as a gift.  So, I did what anyone would do in such a dilemma, I mean I couldn’t disappoint my friend on her birthday!  I went to Facebook and made a request for single men recommendations.

Voila!  I have one.  He seems like a really a good catch.  I’d like to take credit for him, but he was totally recommended by a mutual friend.  I met up with him tonight to vet/prepare him for Thursday.  I have to say, I’m seriously curious  as to how my friend plans on interacting with all her ‘presents.’  And, I’m pretty impressed at how willing my gift is to be given.

Life is funny.  People are funny.  This is one of those moments where the wind has blown and landed me square in a hilarious situation.

Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if we all just asked for exactly what we wanted. If you could ask for anything, without fear of judgement, or denial, what would it be?


I have been craving eggs like woah! I say indulge the cravings.
Egg sandwich with roll (leftover and frozen from Thanksgiving), tomato, egg, 1/2 avocado

Apple cider


Salad w/ arugala, olives, onion, cabbage, beets, radishes, edemame,  egg (yup, another one), chicken, blue cheese, red wine vinegar

Multi-grain roll


Egg drop soup (more egg!)

Steamed shrimp and broccoli over brown rice with a hearty portion of hot sauce