I’m pretty cool with germs. Some folks are anti-germ.  Me, notsomuch.   I totally come from the ‘you have to eat a pound of dirt before you die’ school of germ management.  While I am a fairly neat and tidy lass,  if dared, I would probably lick a subway pole.  I credit this nonchalant attitude about germs with my rock-solid immune system.  Gotta build up immunities somehow, right?

All this to say, dirt doesn’t freak me out…except: WHEN IT’S IN MY FOOD!

I was a wee bit (re: monumentally) disgusted when I opened up my little single serve peach yogurt container and saw that the rim was completely coated in dirt.  Hey, at least germs are invisible!  The dirt was just staring back at me, taunting me with it’s dirty dirtness.

I don’t usually call out brands for their operational oversights, but I am seriously disappointed by the good folks at Stonyfield Farms.  I don’t think I’ll be buying these again.

Obviously this snack was never ingested, luckily I packed extra fruit today for just such a dilemma.


Whole wheat pita with scrambled egg whites and spinach
Pineapple chunks




That pot of southwestern lentils I made a while back is the dish that keeps on giving.  I froze a bunch and use it whenever I don’t have time to grocery shop.

Brown rice with lentils and avocado




If I could make out with a food, it would be sushi.  I love sushi.  I would have sushi’s babies.

5th Avenue Roll: brown rice, avocado, jalapeño, tuna, yellowtail