Please excuse my slightly unexpected hiatus from the blogosphere.  Nothing out of the order happened, I just felt this very primal urge to live instinctively for a few days.  No dissecting the the wants, needs, and desires of everyday life.  No thinking about what I eat from a perspective of overall health, instead just listening to my body’s cues.  No setting an alarm clock.  And no over doing it at the gym, instead getting my exercise via long walks.

I have to tell you, IT FELT AMAZING.

It was really refreshing to step back from things for a few days and just live…gracefully.  That’s the only word that seems to feel right.   I’ve been spending a lot of time recently focusing on the idea of listening to my body and here’s what it told me: citrus fruit, eggs,  brothy soups, soothing strolls, and permission to work less and sleep more.

This week off from my self-imposed pressure was a little Thanksgiving to myself.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, today was mine!

My family does not celebrate on Thursday, instead I spent Thanksgiving day on my couch watching a civil war documentary.  My family instead, celebrates on Saturday and celebrate we did.  Not to toot my family’s horn, but damn we can cook!

Pre-dinner cocktail.  Mojito, anyone?

Appetizer Plates

Crackers (not pictured), salami, prosciutto, grapes, apple, baked brie with apricot preserves in puff pastry, goat cheese

Squash soup with pumpkin seeds

Now it’s time for the main attraction!

Sweet potato pie (my specialty)

Turkey (sorry about the bad picture, I think I was so excited to get eating that I didn’t check my photo quality)

String bean casserole (an American classic!)

Brussel Sprouts and mushrooms

Candied yams

Bread basket

Apparently I forgot to photograph the stuffing and cranberry sauce, but you know what those look like, right?

Now it’s time for dessert

Bread pudding (like stuffing, only not)

Pecan pie

Chocolate cookies

I’m not sure I’ll ever fit in my pants again, but it was worth it.  The only leftovers I keep is the turkey, everything else goes home with the other thanks givers…it’s the only way I can feel as good about stuffing myself silly.