This morning I woke up on the “right” side of the bed.

I woke up happy.  Yesterday was a fine day, but nothing out of the ordinary happened.  I woke up, went to work, did things that were productive, went to an audition, met up with my improv group for dinner then rehearsal.  A pretty standard issue night in the life of Kim.

This morning I just woke up with the feeling that life was about to get a whole lot rosier.  Perhaps it’s the result of me getting sleep again, or my new fangled dedication to self care, or perhaps the universe just has something good in store for me.  Either way I woke up smiling.

Hokey, totally, but I definitely took stock of the event and decided first thing that I would do everything in my power to preserve this feeling today.

I started out by stopping in at my most favorite over priced coffee shop, then proceeding to sip my java while reading a totally trashy novel (every once and a while those slip into my reading list).  I even decided not to pack lunch today because I’ve been craving a trip to the Whole Foods hot bar.

I’m truly focusing my efforts these days on appreciating the small things, the everyday things and make up the majority of life.

Tonight I’m heading to running class to run centipedes again, then I’m going to try out a new yoga DVD I got in the mail.  Simple things.  Good things.

Here’s the food round up from yesterday:


Greek yogurt, banana, trail mix


Lettuce, olives, cucumber, peppers, chicken, feta, lite Italian dressing



Whole wheat pita with hummus


Vegetarian burrito at Chipotle