Some days you feel like going to running class, some days you feel like ordering in and going to bed while Jeopardy is still on.

Last night was the latter.  My exhauastion (mostly fueled by my bug-paranoia) has most definitely caught up with me.  As I sat at my desk yesterday nodding off at around 4pm I decided to play hookie from running class and order a pizza instead.

Sometimes you just need to listen to your body, and my body was saying ‘go to sleep.’  And I did.  I may have hit my pillow before prime time, but I most definitely did not get up with my 4am alarm.  I rolled out of bed a little after 7am.  That’s about 11 hours of sleep.  I guess I needed it.

Greek yogurt with banana and trail mix


Brown rice, roasted vegetables, and grilled chicken



I’m not a huge pizza person, I usually eat it once or twice a year.
Last night was one of those nights.  I’ve had my fill for the year 🙂