I read a lot of fitness magazines.  Consider it an occupational hazard.

Sometimes I think dieting, as a lifestyle, goes too far.  I try to eat healthy, but as soon as I even consider the d-word, I’m all Chinese takeout and french fries.  So, I don’t diet, but I read about it because it fascinates me.

Here’s what annoys me: Why do people dis bananas?

Bananas are awesome.

Sure, they’re starchy, but they’re still fruit.

I refuse to believe that bananas are bad for me, and cutting back on them will magically make me hotter.  (I’m hot enough with my starchy fruit, thankyouverymuch).

I have received emails from people in the fitness industry, that I know and respect, and I know are just trying to help me, who have told me I need to cut back on my fruit intake.

I say “no.”

I like fruit, all kinds.  Sure, they’re high in sugar, but there also high in vitamins and fiber.  All the stuff we artificially add to our bodies with pills and shakes.

In my, probably not so humble opinion, it is the stuff that grows from the earth we need to eat with abandon.  That’s what we are supposed to eat, sugar and all.  It’s the stuff that we find in wrappers and pill form that tout their health properties in big block lettering that are to be avoided.

I like fruit, I’m going to keep eating it.


Egg white omelet with spinach and lite Monterey Jack
Whole gain toast

Almond milk cocoa


Leftover brown rice, roasted veggies and chickpeas




I had an engagement after work last night.  I was playing hair model at a salon.  They had a stylist visiting from San Francisco, and needed someone with long hair for the demo! When I looked at the floor during my cut I got really nervous, there was so much hair.  Upon closer inspection, they only trimmed the bottom, and took out a lot of weight via hidden layers.  She did an amazing job, and this morning I weighed almost a pound less…I have a ton of hair.

I also got highlights.  I tried to take pictures myself, but it really didn’t work out so well, I’ll have to have someone photograph my hair this weekend so I can show it off.

Anyway…I decided to walk the 60-ish blocks to the salon after work because it wasn’t a particularly cold night, and I don’t know how many more of those I’ll have.  After that I hit up Energy Kitchen, which specializes in healthy fast food!  For serious.

I had a BBQ chicken quesadilla and pineapple-orange Crystal Lite
I know Crystal Lite is all chemicals, but it’s a total guilty pleasure.

Exercise: P90X Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper