Last week I divulged my somewhat obsessive fear of getting bed bugs.

Well, over the weekend I went t go visit my family and friends on Long Island.  While I was there my incessant itching (re: hives) lessened, and I finally slept through a night.  I decided I was cured of my stress related rashiness, then I came home.

Sunday night I was fine, but Monday night I was all things sleep deprived and itchy.  I know the doctor said it was a rash, and not bug related, but seriously IT HAS TO BE BED BUGS.

I took off from work yesterday, got up at 3am to clean my apartment of invisible bugs, and had the exterminator come in.  The Bugman was very patient (inspecting my bed, walls, closets, inside my box spring), and reassuring, and assured me I do not have bed bugs.  He set some traps and told me to call him if anything popped up in them, but really I should be assured there are no bugs in my apartment.

He also mentioned I should invest in better bed covers and one for my box spring.

My land-family (the term landlord seems harsh) was there watching the whole thing go down.  They were also reassuring, and the mom said that she has a rash from dry skin and I should just moisturize more…then she lifted up her shirt to show me.  Sweet, but awkward.

Off I went to buy new bed covers for my box spring and mattress.  I brought all my bedding to the laundromat and asked that it be washed in the hottest possible setting.  I bought all new pillows (just in case bugs were living inside my pillows and were undetectable by the exterminator).

Hey, he said I don’t have bugs, but you can never be too careful, right?

I swear I’m not usually this crazy, the idea of bed bugs just really freaks me out.

With the assurance of the exterminator, my doctor, my land-family, my own two eyes, the people that do my laundry (I live in NYC, this isn’t a rare thing, I swear), and the bottle of bug spray I keep on my nightstand last night was the first full night’s sleep I got in my own bed since my rash popped up.

I may be finally ready to concede that I have a stress related rash (like my doctor said) and this is not bug related at all.

Whew, now if I can only figure out how to not be stressed.

Anyone else have irrational paranoias?


Whole grain english muffin, lite cheese, vegetarian “sausage”, egg, hot sauce
1/2 grapefruit


Sometimes I’m too lazy to chew.  True story, it’s why I drink so many smoothies.

Smoothie w/spinach, soy milk, 1 Tbsp peanut butter, 1 Tbsp ground flax seed, frozen banana, chocolate protein powder (it may be green but it tasted chocolaty and delicious.)


Popcorn with cajun seasoning
I’m addicted to the seasoning but it makes me sneeze.  I can only eat this privately for fear of looking ridiculous stuffing my face and sneezing.


Grilled salmon and fennel