Yesterday may have been a craptastic day, but today was pretty good.

I took today off.

I don’t often play hookie, but I had few stray issues to deal with and there are times when your real life needs to come before your work life.  It was really the nicest day I’ve had in a while…well, solo day that is.

I spent the morning writing in a more leisurely manner than usual, ran a few errands, worked out mid-day (my most preferred time), voted, touched base with someone about a possible job, and right now I’m procrastinating on finishing up my resume for another possible job.

Nothing special and yet it was so nice.  I know this sounds super corny, but it felt like the first time in a long while that I really connected with myself.  It seems like sometimes I spend so much time just trying to get through the day, that I don’t ever really take stock of how I feel.  I need to do this more often, not play hookie (although the job hunt is ON), but take stock of how I’m feeling and whether I’m fulfilled.

Tomorrow I go straight back to the daily grind, but today was a good reminder to take stock of myself daily, and that I’m just plain happier when I’m not at work. . .hence the working on the resume.  Oh, right, I should get back to that…


Taking my resolution to eat at the table seriously:
Egg white omelet with spinach and goat cheese
Whole grain bread

Post Workout

Coconut water


Vegan Lasagna
Red pear


Best New Favorite Thing Ever: Almond Breeze makes an unsweetened chocolate flavor.  It tastes a little odd, being sugar-free and all, but I heated some up with a packet of Truvia and voila: sugar free/dairy free hot cocoa


Baked sweet potato fries
Whole grain English muffin, Trader Joe’s chicken burger, lite Monterey Jack cheese, TJ’s BBQ sauce
Pickle–that counts as a vegetable, right?

Exercise: P90X Plyometrics