Oh dear, what a day I’ve had…

It all started out with a wee bit of crazy.
The New York City Subway is like a breeding ground for nutjobs.  Usually they’re harmless/annoying/borderline fascinating, but sometimes they’re downright infuriating, which was exactly the case for me and a couple hundred other New Yorkers sharing a subway car this morning.

Somewhere in lower Manhattan a man got on the train and started sermonizing.  The best way I can describe this would be to say it was ‘anti-woman hate speech.’  This guy was saying all sorts of charming things like, “Giving women the right to vote and work outside the home will be the downfall of society”; “Abortion is suicide” (which I don’t actually understand the logic of), “women were the cause of the fall of the Roman empire…and the British empire”; there was more but it was pretty much the same sort of jargon.

Part of me really wanted to stand up and say “Ahem, Sir, for your information England still exists, and currently has a female monarch.  Justsoyouknow.  If you would like to support me financially so that I may stay home and not be a menace to society, feel free.”  I did not, but other people did speak up.

One guy started it all by saying, “I’m going to take a poll, anyone on this train who wants you to get off at the next stop say ‘Aye.’”  Almost everyone said ‘aye.’  It was pretty cool, until of course a verbal assault started by both men.  Then, when we reached the next stop the whole car started chanting “Get off the train, get off the train.”

This is when I started getting nervous.  I agree that this guy was nuts, but this sort of mob mentality makes me nervous. I guess I’m hyper aware of just how uncivilized we can become if we are given permission to by our peers. Luckily nothing escalated to violence, but it certainly crossed my mind as a possibility.

It was a very interesting morning to say the least.

But it wasn’t over.  As soon as I got to work I realized I couldn’t log on to my blog.  Something was weird.  After contacting the IT folks at my web host it was discovered that I had been hacked!


Can you believe it?

I’m still in shock. Why would anyone want to hack my blog, this blog!?!

Hacked I was, and apparently had been for some time.  The IT folks told me which hackerific code to get rid of, and my site worked for all of five minutes then completely crashed.  I couldn’t even get in from the back end.  At this point I started FREAKING OUT.  Hours of coding and IT people getting all up in my blog code later, my site is up and running, but I’m missing quite a few posts and some of your comments.  That makes me pretty sad because I really like your comments.

But, thank goodness my site is still around.  I invested in some additional safeguards for the site and changed all my passwords.  Hopefully that will be the end of evil hacker spies.  Stupid hackers.


Smoothie: almond milk, whey protein, flax seed, spinach, banana, blueberries





Note to self: You are only one person, making an entire lasagna makes for weeks of leftovers.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will “stay” for a few more days.

More snacks

Dried mango, more almonds



Tofu & broccoli stir fry over brown rice, with teriyaki sauce

Exercise: Today was day one of my P90X or Bust challenge, I did Chest & Back, and Ab Ripper X.