Is anyone else completely floored by the fact that is already NOVEMBER?!

Last month I resolved to: Eat Fall fresh foods; brave the elements; save money, and sleep.  I actually fared fairly well on all accounts.

This is the time of year that the gym starts becoming a distant memory, money starts pouring out of my bank account, and my pants most definitely start fitting a wee bit tighter.  Hello holiday season!

I do love the holidays, but it’s easy to lose a sense of control right around now.  So this month I’m resolving to keep a firm grasp on my priorities.

  1. Holiday Budgeting.  I’ve never been particularly thrifty.  This isn’t usually such a bad thing because I’m not really much a shopper—it all evens itself out.  Holiday time is another story.  This year I’m setting a spending cap and comparison shopping for gifts.  A budget for presents, who would have thought of such a thing!
  2. P90X Challenge.  I’m hosting a P90X Challenge for Social Workout.  Technically it’s part of my job, but it has the added bonus of keeping me motivated on my fitness throughout the holidays.  The challenge started today (but there’s still time to join if you’re interested) and runs through January 29th.  That coupled with my running class (that runs through the end of December) should keep those holiday cookies from wreaking havoc with my closet options.
  3. Get civilized.  I’ve made this resolution before but I never keep it: I am resolving to eat my meals at a table.  Try as might I always end up in front of the TV.  This month I’m focusing civilized eating.
  4. Watch my sugar.  I got through Halloween candy free, but I am sort of a sugar addict.  I sneak a little candy everyday (which miraculously doesn’t end up on my blog, hmmm).  I really want to kick this habit.  This month I’m doing a sugar detox (with the exception of Thanksgiving, of course!)

That’s seems about right.  What are you resolving for November?