Sometimes I don’t know what to eat.  I mean that in a very complicated way.

With films like Food, Inc. and The Future of Food; and books like “Food Politics”, “What to Eat”, “Stuffed and Starved”, “Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “Fast Food Nation”  (many of which are very similar in nature and information) out there it can seem relatively overwhelming to eat in a manner that isn’t abusive to the planet, to farmers, and/or to animals.

The idea of supporting companies like Monsanto, Tyson, ConAgra, or any number of the “Big Agra” really upsets me. So, I try to stick with organic foods.  But even then, I am told, I’m not ensured I’m buying foods that are animal friendly.  I’ve cut down my dairy significantly, opting mostly for soy and almond milk.  I do eat organic yogurts and cheese sometimes.  “Organic” meat is expensive, so I limit my meat intake.

Still, those giant food manufacturing companies all have organic arms, so I may still be supporting them even in my fairly careful lifestyle.

Now, I’m single, have no children,  and work 9,000 jobs, so I can afford to buy organic food, even on my $50 a week food budget.  I am in the minority in this country (world?), I know this and I would never lecture others about what they should do.  So many people right now are just struggling to put food on the table, regardless of how their pork chop was treated before it died.  Why is it so expensive to buy real food?  Everyone deserves access to healthy food…I find this all really infuriating.

The book I’m currently reading, “Stuffed and Starved” is a fairly in-depth look at how poorly farmers (all over the world) fare in our current society. Did you know that farming has the highest suicide rate of any profession? Most of the other food politics books I have read have more of a bent toward animal rights and the environment, but there is a very human aspect to our ‘food problem.’  It’s all a little overwhelming, I sometimes fantasize about going back in time to a time and place when food was simple and there was no other option but to eat organic.

I’m not entirely sure how to “win” in this system, but I’m not sure I want to give up trying.  Having said that, it can be truly frustrating to make dinner sometimes.

Sigh…Does anyone else feel this way or am I totally nuts?

Multi grain English muffin, almond butter, banana


Leftover stuffed acorn squash w/quinoa, spinach, mushrooms, goat cheese

Salad with lite Caesar dressing


Chicken (I swear it was local and humanly raised 😉 ), broccoli, brown rice, teriyaki sauce