I’m pretty sure my mother just had a heart attack…I don’t mean a romantic ex, I’m talking P90X.

As part of my job over at Social Workout I’m leading a fitness challenge.  Starting November 1st I’ll be doing P90X (again) and supporting anyone else who wants to get fit during the holiday season.  By Valentine’s Day we’ll all be sexy beasts!  The challenge starts next Monday and will run through January 29th.  If you’d like to take part click here to sign up.   I’ll be checking in every day to log my progress and offer motivation for ye X-ing masses.

I’m pretty excited, I love organized events. . . don’t tell my German teacher though.  I totally bailed on my German class tonight.  Truth be told I didn’t do my homework (just like old times) and I didn’t feel like be outed on my inability to conjugate ‘kochen’ correctly.  Instead, my German class friend (who also didn’t do the homework) and I went out to dinner.  Dinner is like learning a second language, only tastier.


Multi-grain English muffin with egg, low fat Monterrey Jack cheese




Salad with lite Caesar dressing

Vegan Lasagna (recipe from Contrary Cook)
Admittedly this doesn’t look that appetizing all re-heated in tupperwear, but it’s delicious and you can’t even tell it’s tofu!


Grilled catfish sandwich with sweet potato fries!