If ever anyone needed it to be Friday it is I.  And what a Friday it is.

At the end of this week from hell it was great to get together with people who know me, love me, and want to see my giant head on the big screen.  We went to my movie screening!

I’ve seen it before, back in June when it was in the Brooklyn International Film Festival, but it’s still such a cool thing.  After almost two years of shooting The Daily Special and Pretty Imperfect I still never got used to seeing myself on screen.  I may be an actor, but I’m primarily a theater actor, these moving picture jobbies are craziness!  Any, it was a good time and the cast, crew, friends, and audience hit up a near by bar after.

I needed fun!

The fun will continue this weekend.  Saturday I’m going to my most beloved bar.  I’m fairly certain it’s owned by the Russian mob (Dear Russian mob, I’m just kidding please don’t kill me).  All the bartenders are Russian, and these fellas know every beer known to man.  You walk in and they say “what kind of beer do you like,”  you tell them then they choose a beer from their 300+ beer menu that is in the same genre of the beer you like but is much better.  They also make homemade kraut, shnitzel, and sausage (which may or may not be made of people they killed; people like me who outed them on their food blog).

Needless to say I’m looking forward to that.  Not the being killed and turned into sausage part.

Sunday I’m hosting an itty-bitty potluck with some friends and their husbands, and my most favoritist baby ever.  She’s not eating, she’s picky and only likes breast milk.  Girl does not know what she’s missing because I make a mean clafouti.

The rest of the weekend will be spent pre-gaming my workload for next week.  Oh yeah, I’m a rebel.


Kashi Go Lean Crunch w/banana and almond milk




At first I was totally enamored with my Southwestern Lentil Soup, but after a full week of it I am B-O-R-E-D

Kabocha squash


Tofu and broccoli in peanut sauce over soba noodles