Remember when I mentioned that I make up fantastical excuses to stay in bed longer than I should?  The other day I had the best one yet!

There I was laying in bed all snug as a bug in a rug when my 4am alarm sounded.  My sneaky subconscious mind took over; my responsible grown up brain was apparently too groggy to sound any objections.  I systematically told myself that:

a)I was pregnant, and
b)waking up would be detrimental to said baby and therefore I would be a terrible mother if I were to get out of bed and you know, do the work I do so that I can afford to have an apartment to house such a bed and fictitious baby.

What the crazy?!

I have officially lost my mind.  I assure everyone that I am very much not pregnant.  Sorry mom.

We have established that I am bad at waking up.  Here are some other things I’m bad at:

  • Remembering to take vitamins
  • Crafts of any kind
  • Darts
  • Billiards
  • Video games (especially ones with race cars)
  • Okay, let’s just admit it: anything that requires hand-eye coordination
  • Telling people to buzz off
  • Listening to voicemail (I literally can go weeks without checking it. This is, I am sure, very frustrating for those folks trying to convey information to me)
  • Step aerobics (foot-eye coordination isn’t so great either)
  • Running in cool weather

Tonight I had running class and I came to the realization that I run better in the summer.  I know this is intuitively wrong.  All summer my coaches lamented the high temperatures and promised easier runs once the barometer dipped.

For some reason my muscles are just more loose in the summer, but more importantly my lungs are better.  I have weather related asthma.  In the summer it’s smooth sailing, but once the temperature drops I tend to struggle with breathing a bit.  Since I’ve only recently started running outside, this is my first foray into cool running.  It didn’t go well; I definitely struggled to maintain a pace below a 10-minute mile, and was seriously wheezing by the end of my run.

Ugh, it’s going to be a long winter.


Oatmeal made with almond milk, banana, walnuts
Coffee w/half & half


The new love of my life: Southwestern Lentil Stew/Soup/Chili




It’s kabocha time!

Veggie burger on 7-grain English muffin
Roasted kabocha
Steamed Brussel sprouts.  I love Brussel sprouts, they are my absolute favorite, and they look like adorable baby cabbages!