I figured it was about time to give a little review of my new toy.  It’s been two weeks since I got my magical arm band from BodyMedia in the mail.

My doohicky measures everything but my shoe size: my caloric output everyday, steps taken everyday, sleep efficiency, and activity level.  Once a day I reluctantly take the armband off and plug it into my computer where the data it has collected is loaded onto the BodyMedia website. There’s also a function on the accompanying website where I can track my food.

Thoughts for the first two weeks:

  • Knowing my actual caloric output (at an accuracy of 90%) has made me much more mellow about EVERYTHING.  Health has always been such a guessing game.  I honestly had no idea I burned as many calories as I do, just by existing in life.  I’ve actually increased my food intake, because based on the data I can eat a whole lot more and still be within a ‘losing zone’.  I’m a total data junkie now!
  • I have learned that on days that I’m busy running around doing errands I burn approximately the same as those days I go to work and the gym.  That makes me feel a lot better about grocery shopping, house cleaning, and the other chores that keep me moving.
  • I spend a lot of time in bed not sleeping.  By far my favorite function is the sleep efficiency monitor.  What I’ve learned is that it takes me a while to fall asleep and once I am I wake up a lot in the middle of the night.  I’m not sure how to fix this.  I know that when I was battling a cold last week the addition of Nyquil to my sleep routine helped quite a bit, but I don’t think I’m going to make it a nightly occurrence.  What I can do is try and optimize my sleep space.
  • The food database on the BodyMedia site is good, but the one on DailyPlate is better, with more brand names and general food options.  I sort of assume the BodyMedia database is still growing.  For now I’m monitoring on both, but when I’m calculating my daily intake I generally go by the number on DailyPlate.
  • People at work keep asking me if there is something wrong with me.  People see the monitor and automatically assume I have some sort of ailment.  It’s actually funny, and when I explain what it is people get really excited.  Thank goodness long sleeves are becoming seasonally appropriate.

I must say the aspect I enjoy most about this is the fact that I feel way more laid back about diet and fitness now.  This may be the opposite reaction some people would have, but now that I have actual data to base my exercise and eating habits around, I know I that as long as my caloric intake and calorie burn leave me at a deficit I’m in a good place.

I haven’t weighed myself though.  Maybe in another two weeks, for now I’m just enjoying the peace of mind.


Tonight I had running class and I have to say it was the most beautiful run ever!  My class ran around Central Park’s Great Lawn, and the New York City skyline  was so bright and beautiful in the sunset.  It was simply gorgeous and made me happy to be running, and happy to be in New York.  There is something about the New York skyline that always takes my breath away.


Best oatmeal ever!
Oatmeal made with almond milk and a dash of maple syrup, diced pear and toasted almond slivers


Pumpkin lime soup with whole wheat crackers


I took a mid-afternoon run to a deli for some protein.  I was feeling a bit sluggish:
Hard boiled egg, chicken, avocado, mushroom


Warning: The dinner you are about to see is not pretty.  Spaghetti squash does not look quite as appetizing when mixed with spaghetti sauce.  To be honest, this will probably be my last adventure in spaghetti squash (after I eat the other half).  Verdict: my least favorite squash.

Grilled tuna steak

Spaghetti squash and Trader Joe’s Marinara sauce