One week of October down and I’m already making the most of those resolutions.

Last night I invited a friend over for dinner (in fact, I think she’s still sleeping in my guest room as I write this) in an effort to socialize sans spending money.  Plus, I rocked out with my squash loving self.  It was perfect.  I love entertaining.  I love vegetables.  I love friends.  I love sitting on my couch.  Really, I should do this more often.

Tonight is a different story.  No low key nights on the couch gabbing with friends and eating stuffed squash for me.  It’s bachelorette party time.  I have a friend who is getting married this Sunday (10/10/10!) and that crazy girl wanted to have her bachelorette party the same weekend.  She is a brave soul.

I’m stretching my stomach for some yummy food, and warming my vocal chords for karaoke.  This is my kind of bachelorette party!


Strawberry banana smoothie with kefir, frozen berries, frozen banana, and strawberry protein powder
Cinnamon raisin toast with cream cheese


My friend Topher from college was in New York on a business trip.  I haven’t seen him in YEARS!  It was great catching up and reminiscing about Emerson.

We met at one of my favorite brunch spots, Sarabeth’s Kitchen.  They have the best jam!

Egg white omelet with spinach and goat cheese
Multi-grain toast with as much raspberry jam as I could muster.


Stuffed Acorn Squash: stuffed with quinoa, spinach, portobella mushrooms, and goat cheese
Roasted asparagus