This is totally my favorite song ever.  Maybe he’s really singing about seasonal affective disorder.

I think I may need to move to Alaska, or somewhere with more reliable sunrises (or lack thereof).

I have never, in all my years of gym going been able to stick to any sort of “schedule.”  Try as I might to find a routine I can stick to, I always just end up going whenever I have time…or not going whenever I have time.

My lack of regularity in my gym hours is one of the reasons I really like my running classes.  They are a commitment set in stone in my schedule twice a week.  It’s just those other five pesky days that I’m not sure what to do with.

In an ideal world I would get up at 5am and head directly to the gym, get home sometime around 6:45, shower, eat, and head to work.  I was totally rocking my ideal schedule this summer, but come late August the sun started coming up a bit later, then September came and went and with it the sunrise a little later still, and now it’s October and I wake in the morning to no sun and a chilly room.  The combination makes it almost impossible for me to leave the comforts of bed.

Sure, my rational been-awake-for-hours mind says, “Suck it up Kiddo, get your ass out of bed.”

That’s my rational brain, but there is absolutely nothing rational about my thinking in the wee sunless hours of the morning.  I lie.  I am a lying, liar, who lies, and I will lie to anyone who tries to wake me up before I’m ready.  Here are some of my recent self-deceptions:

“If I go running I will break my knee.”
“I will exercise in a conference room at work.”
“I’m going to do a fast today, so exercise would be detrimental to my health.”
“I already exercised today…then went back to sleep.”  (This particular lie usually comes complete with a complimentary dream to back up my story)

Tonight is a late night gym night, precisely because I told some sort of fantastical fib to myself this morning.  I don’t love working out late at night, but I hate rush hour at the gym more than I hate getting off my well warmed couch.

Every morning my alarm goes off at 5am, and every morning I go back to sleep.  Perhaps it’s time to succumb to an evening workout schedule.

What time of day do you exercise?
What are your tricks to sticking to a schedule?


Egg white omelet with salsa and avocado
Whole grain toast


Veggie wrap with hummus, carrot, cucumber, and tomato

Cauliflower soup

Coffee Break

The trouble with reading lots of food blogs is that they make me really hungry.  At one point I stumbled across a cupcake online that sent me off in search of my own mid-day cake break.

Starbucks: Soy latte and reduced fat coffee cake
Not a cupcake, but it hit the spot


Veggie burger with avocado, egg, and hot sauce
Baked sweet potato fries (Oh, yum, I forgot how good these were!)