Is it weird if I profess my undying love for an exercise video?

It is, right?

Okay, well then I’m not going to say that, but I am going to say that Dance off the Inches: Cardio Hip Hop is so much fun I would actually do it for the sheer entertainment value.  You know, when I’m bored at home and want to pretend I’m a backup dancer.

What, like that never happens to you.

The workout is approximately 45-mins and consists of three intermediate hip hop routines.  Now, usually with Dance Off the Inches  videos I sort of suffer through the pre-workout step guide, but in this instance it was entirely necessary.  Instructor Jennifer Galardi broke down some previously intimidating moves, which, were I super cool, I would definitely do at the discotech or wherever the cool kids go these days.

The three routines consist of:  Hit ‘Em Hard, Stomp & Throw, and Smooth It Out. The first two are where the bulk of your calorie burning will happen and are a wee bit higher impact.  And seriously, I was covered in sweat. The choreography is good, much better than your average dance DVD, the three dances actually feel like solid routines.  I will totally admit that I may have imagined myself in my own personal version of Step Up.

‘Smoothe it Out’ is lower impact; basically a standing ab routine set to music.  You think you’re dancing but you’re actually toning—magic!

Bottom line, I would do this one for fun, and not just for exercise and that’s just crazy talk.