October!  Or, Oktober, as we say in my German class.

Usually, I see the Fall as nothing more than a precursor to the arctic tundra that is winter.  I don’t really do winter well.  Thusly, the Fall is usually an easing into hibernation for me.  Not this year though, this October I resolve to make the most of the crisp air and the falling leaves.

Here are my resolutions for October:

  1. Make the most of Fall foods.  I’m trying to convince friends that they want to go apple picking, but besides apples, there are all sorts of foods that are in their prime at this time of year: Pumpkin, squash (okay, this genre includes pumpkin), pomegranate, cranberries, sweet potatoes, leeks, grapes, mushrooms.
  2. Brave the chill.  I signed up for another session of running classes that will take me into December.  In addition to my runs in Central Park twice weekly, I’m making it my mission this month to take in the beauty that is the Fall by walking more.  Come December walking anywhere is going to seem like a terrible idea, so I might as well take it all in now.
  3. Save the bacon.  Not the real bacon, which would be gross to save, the figurative bacon.  Budgeting has been on my mind a lot lately.  I’ve finally figured out a budget I can stick to, one that I don’t deem overly severe.  Now that I’ve made that first step I’m going to actually try to stick to that by spending smartly (many thanks for all your food budgeting ideas), and socializing more serenely.  I would say a sizable portion of my weekly spending is spent socializing with friends, but having surveyed said friends, they agreed that spending less money is a good idea and they would be totally down with coming over for some popcorn and cheap wine as opposed to out for expensive latte’s, cocktails, and events.  It’s time for happy hour at home.
  4. Get under the covers.  One of the things that has fascinated me most in my use of the BodyMedia Fit system is it’s sleep monitoring function.  As it turns out, on a good night the most I get is six hours.  Now that the sun is going down earlier, I’m hoping my circadian rhythms will follow and allow me to get groggy a little earlier.

Food. Money. Sleep. Exercise.  Sounds like a great month for me.  What are you resolving for October?