I very much believe that every genre of exercise has its own personality, so to speak.

I have very different responses to different exercises:

Spin: I go to my happy cathartic place.
Elliptical: Super cerebral time.
Running: I shall overcome.  I’m on a mission to be a better runner and I feel really proud of myself when I get a solid run in.  That doesn’t mean I don’t feel like I’m going to die while I’m doing it.
Stair-climbing: Self flagellating evil activity with wonderful ass-raising properties.
Weight lifting: Operation she warrior, I feel so powerful in the weight room now.
Yoga: Self awareness central.  I’m always super connected and appreciative of my body during yoga.

Depending on what mood I’m in, I tailor my workouts accordingly.

This morning started out as a challenging kind of day.  After I’d finished all my writing for the day I hit the streets for a 5-mile run.  Besides the challenge aspect, I’m ever so aware that cold weather is just around the corner and I need to take advantage of the warm weather while I can.

I figured I was done for the day, but my friend suggested I join her for a Punk Rope class this evening.

I haven’t taken a Punk Rope class in years, but I remember practically hyperventilating last time…yet having an amazing time.  Punk Rope is a really ingenious class, it combines jump rope (which is amazing cardio!) and all sorts of gym class sorts of drills, relays, and games.  It’s basically like really hard recess.

Off I went to the gym, re-wearing my gym clothes from earlier, because I’m gross like that.  I had such a good time.  I think I may try to make this class a regular addition to my fitness schedule.  I will start classifying this as the “feel like a kid again” exercise.

The double dose of cardio today made me feel a wee bit better about indulging in my Hooters leftovers from last night.  Although afterward I had terrible heartburn.  Maybe I need to lay off the fried chicken for a while.

Do you cater your exercise to your mood? Do you associate any feelings with certain activities?


Shredded wheat with banana and almond milk


I love them, but they certainly do not love me


Whole what flat bread with hummus


Tofu, broccoli and brown rice