Thunder, lightnin’, the way you love me is frightnin’.

I do love me a thunder storm.  I find it a bit romantic to sit at home all toasty and warm while simultaneously sipping cocoa and listing to the thunder rumble outside.  Lucky for me tonight is dismal!

Not so lucky for some others.

It seems that while I was safe and dry on the F Train on my way home, my poor little Brooklyn neighborhood was being pummeled by winds, hail, and lightning.  They say it wasn’t a tornado, but I’m not so sure.  Just look at my six block walk home from the train:

Things like this just don’t happen in New York City!  Luckily there aren’t any reports of injuries.

Wednesday Breakfast

Low fat chocolate milk

English muffin with egg, lite Cheddar, and turkey

Wednesday Lunch


Sandwich with ham, turkey and mustard

Wednesday Snack

Yogurt with trail mix

Wednesday Dinner

Steamed shrimp & broccoli over brown rice, with hot sauce

Thursday Breakfast

Cereal mish-mosh: 1/2 Kashi Go Lean Crunch & 1/2 Whole Foods Whole Grain O’s
Almond Milk

Thursday Lunch

Brown rice, broccoli, and Salmon

Thursday Dinner

Whole wheat spaghetti, chicken breast, spinach, marinara