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Getting back to intuitive eating post-diet has been a bit of a challenge.  Now I remember why I don’t diet to begin with, it turns me into a crazed food obsessed lunatic.  It’s been a week since I officially quit my spokeswoman gig, and I swear I’ve really had to consciously reign myself in.  There is definitely a hungry little demon inside of me that wants to make up for lost time.

I woke up this morning and stated my goals to myself for the day (I do this sometimes because I’m nuts) and those goals were to listen to my body, to eat healthyfully, but not in any way that would make me feel deprived.  Simply, I want to go back to the way of eating that had become so second nature to me over the course of the last few years.

Intuitive eating is harder than I remembered it.  It’s amazing how easily you can break hard acquired habits.

I think I stayed pretty true to form on that today.  As I left work I realized what I really wanted for dinner was a steak.  I walked myself over to Whole Foods, found a pretty cut of filet mignon and proceeded to go home and make myself a dinner that felt absolutely indulgent.  Ironically, it wasn’t particularly unhealthy.  Steak+Asparagus+Wine= 490 calories, 16.94 grams of fat, and 55.87 grams of protein.

Listening feels good.  Hopefully this is the beginning of an intuitive week.


Oatmeal with low fat sour cream

Scrambled egg whites




Salad with grilled salmon, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, beets, and oil & vinegar


Filet Mignon w/steak sauce
Roasted asparagus