I admitted that last night bordered on lame, and that’s fine by me sometimes you need a little lame in your life.

My laziness carried over to today…I slept till 11am!

Okay, normal people sleep till 11am all the time on Saturday, but I’m a morning person.  I generally consider 8am a fairly sizable sojourn into sleeping in.  I think it’s the temperature…I was so comfortable.  Things are starting to cool down here, and the fresh cool air coupled with a light blanket makes for optimal rolling around in bed all morning.

In addition to sleeping in, weekends are good for another thing…BRUNCH!  I love brunch, and when you get out of bed closer to lunch than breakfast you pretty much have no choice but to partake.

Yesterday on my grocery run I picked up some Fiber One pancake mix.  I don’t think I’ve ever bought pancake mix before, it’s so easy to make without a mix, but I was curious.


The verdict: Good flavor, thin consistency.  I tried to add my banana slices to the pancakes at first but it wasn’t thick enough to hold them in place, instead it just cracked where the bananas were when I flipped them.  Instead I decided to seer the bananas and put them on top.

Oh, yeah, and Trader Joe’s Sweet Chicken Sausage are great breakfast sausages!


Brown rice, tofu, broccoli

I’m running a race tomorrow morning so decided to skip a run around the park so I don’t exhaust my muscles.  Instead I opted for a spin class and thirty minute core class… unfortunately no one else did and I was the only one in class.  So the instructor cancelled class.  I guess I’ll be super rested for tomorrow’s run.