Isn’t there an old saying “The Shoemaker’s children are often shoeless”?

Well, the professional blogger’s blog is often blogless.  My work life has been a bit harried this week.  It’s Fashion Week in New York, which has meant lots of research, emails, writing and networking for my newest job that is fashion related.  Luckily, Fashion Week is coming to an end and my life should resume normal speed again.  Normal speed is still pretty speedy, but at least it’s a speediness I’m comfortable with.

In celebration of free time I’m making this a Friday night in.  A little popcorn,  a little Netflix, I’m even going to try out my newest infomercial purchase…

Seriously, I don’t usually succumb to infomercial marketing but I’ve been pretty curious to try out Wen for a while.   Last week my mom found a great sale on it and I decided to take the plunge.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll keep you posted.  I got the lavender scented cleanser; I figured it could double as aromatherapy.  I like multi-tasking like that.

So, just a night of couch lounging and hair washing for me.  Wow, I’m super cool!

I hope your Friday night is more exciting than mine!


Greek yogurt with banana and trail mix


More Udon noodle soup.  Shocker.


Popcorn, I sprinkled it with some spicy Cajun seasoning.  New favorite snack.

Since I a) don’t drink all that often, and b) hate opening a full bottle of wine when I want a glass, I’ve started buying splits.  Single servings of wine I can keep around for those moments I have the hankering for a grown up beverage.

I always feel strangely adult when I indulge in a glass of wine at home.


Grilled salmon in a chimichurri sauce over brown rice, side of avocado
I had intended to have string beans with this meal, but I apparently left them too long in the produce bin.  Note to self: by vegetables.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  To any of you who may be Jewish, Happy New Year! L’Shana Tova!