You win some, you lose some.  I lost some.

Stamina that is.

Tonight was my running class.  Somehow going in tonight I just knew it was not going to be stellar.  The course was simple a 1.5 mile run to our starting point, then two timed mile intervals, and another mile back to “home base.”  After the first 2.5 miles I was ordered up to a faster pacing group.  I was already really tired and breathing super hard.  The increased speed turned out to be too much for me, and before I finished my last interval I pulled over to the side and decided to walk back.

I felt a bit defeated by my lack of follow through, but sometimes you just have to listen to your body.  I’ll make up the mileage on Thursday, and I’m running in a 5K this weekend.  I have ample time to prove myself to myself.

In other news, today’s menu is total proof that I have some weird eating tastes.  Oatmeal and sour cream really is good, you should try it.  Also, apparently other people don’t eat wee fistfuls of radishes as snacks.  I just learned that.  I love radishes.


Oatmeal with low fat sour cream
Green tea


Turkey chili with avocado



The folks at Zing bars sent me a sample pack to try out!

They’re all natural, gluten and animal product free.  I was totally psyched to give them a shot.
I decided to start my sampling spree with the chocolate coconut bar, because chocolate and coconut are pretty much made for one another.

The verdict: Good.  Totally like a Mounds Bar without the guilt.  There was a slightly weird crunchiness that I couldn’t place, but it didn’t effect the taste.  I’m looking forward to trying more.


To make myself feel better post running fail I made my favorite udon noodle soup with shrimp and bok choy.