It’s the first of the month, which of course means New Month’s Resolution time!

I really do love the first day of every month, it all just seems like a fresh start to me.  All day today, as I wandered Brooklyn in search of refreshing frozen yogurt, and a shady tree to rest my head under, I contemplated what was most important in my life at this very moment.

August to me was about control: reigning in the loose ends of my schedule, my finances, and my career.  July was all about fitness.  Well, September is all about people.

I’m a worker, I’ve got that down.  I’m in a fitness groove, I’ve got that covered.  Healthy eating, for the most part I’m there.  Now, the thing I think I’d like to focus on most is the people in my life.

September Resolutions:

  • Compliment one person every day.  People deserve to be appreciated.  Compliments are good for the soul.
  • Call my mom (and dad) twice a week.  If you knew me in person (and you can probably tell just by reading my blog), you would know that I’m a wee bit obsessed with my parents.  I love them, I want them to be healthy, and happy, and okay.  I worry about them 100% of the time…that doesn’t mean, however that I call them as often as I should.  I feel guilty about that.  This month I am resolving to touch base with the parentals twice a week.  [My mom reads my blog, so I’m pretty sure there’s no getting out of this one 😉 ]
  • Remind one person a day that they are important to me.
  • Talk to strangers.  Not just any strangers, but strangers in my running class.  Sometimes I get in such a game face kind of place when I’m doing something physical that I forget that it’s a great opportunity to meet other like minded folks (who run at the same pace as i do).
  • Make plans with friends at least once a week.  I am a fairly social person, but when I started preparing for my impending shoot, I cut a lot of socializing out of my life because of the food and alcohol involved in socializing.  Well, I’m resolved now to steer clear of crazy and obsessive behavior, and as far as I’m concerned calling out of life “diet” is crazy.
  • Return emails in a timely fashion.  I used to be so good at getting back to people instantaneously.  Lately that is so not the case.  Sometimes I can go days without returning emails.  I have a list of emails I need to respond to.  This is just getting out of hand, I need to overcome my inbox.
  • Lastly, but not least…smile at people.  This goes back to my resolution from a few months ago to smile more.  Now, instead of focusing on smiling  haphazardly (which can make one look a wee bit  off), I’m going to try and direct those unsolicited smiles at people.

This month, my resolutions revolve around the fact that while work is important, as is money, time, and the circumference of my hips in relation to the bikini I have to wear in November; people are more important.  People are the most important resource we have in life.  I can’t think of a single thing in life that can’t be bettered by being a good friend, daughter, or regular ole citizen.

What are you resolving this month?